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The Department of Informatics and Telematics of Harokopio University of Athens was founded in 2006 (ΦΕΚ 137/07.07.2006, τ. Α΄) and accepts students since academic year 2007-2008.

The department goal is the development and advancement of computer science, primarily in the field of network information systems and relative e-services. For this purpose, attention is focused in the fields of telematics (teleinformatics) which are relative to network and internet technologies, e-business, e-government, e-health, advanced transport telematics etc.

In the worldwide environment of Information Society and Knowledge Society, there is the demand for professionals who will be able to effectively manage the new technologies based on the Internet and the World Wide Web, for the development of complex information systems and the support of advanced services. The graduates of the department, trained with scientific completeness in the department knowledge areas and having direct interconnection with all areas of informatics applications, will be qualified to handle the increased requirements of modern society.

The professional rights of the graduates are equivalent to all other Greek Public Universities in the fields of Informatics and Telecommunications (ΦΕΚ 58/08.04.2009, τ. Α΄).
The acting Department Head is Professor Dimosthenis Anagnostopoulos.

The Department has established an Advisory Committee made up of internationally distinguished academics in the field of Informatics and Telematics.

The operation of the Department during the first two years was supported by the project "Expansion of Tertiary Education" of the Operational Programme for Education and Initial Vocational Training co-funded by the European Union (80%) and National Funds (20%).

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