Department of Informatics and Telematics


On August 2013, the department moved in its new facilities at Tavros near the center of Athens. The new building is owned by the Harokopio University and meets all the needs of the Department. The building has 6 floors and three basements. The building was funded under European funds and Regional funds. It culminates the vision of the Professor G. Karabatsos, now deceased, who was a former rector of the University.


Lecture Halls

The auditorium is located at the 1st floor of the building and can accomodate 120 persons. There are also 3 smaller lecture halls that accomodate 50, 50 and 36 persons, that fullfill various educational needs.


The auditorium is equipped with the following multimedia equipment:

  • 2 x LCD TVs
  • projector
  • 2 cameras
  • conference systems
  • microphones
  • sound mixing console
  • 2 x 300W power amplifier
  • 4 x 135W speakers



The smaller lecture hall in the second floor can accommodate 40 persons and is equipped with the following multimedia equipment:

  • projector system
  • camera
  • microphone

Finally, the two smaller lecture halls in the third floor can accommodate 30 persons each and are equipped with a projector.