Obligations & Rights

The PhD candidates are entitled to:

  • Academic ID - Public transport reduced ticket pass
  • Library Card
  • Access to university restaurant
  • Health services provision
  • Certificates of studies from the Secretariat


The PhD candidates have the following obligations:

  • Monitoring of the progress of the PhD thesis. The PhD candidates publicly present the progress of their thesis at the end of each academic year and are obligated to submit an annual progress report until the start of the next academic year. Annual progress reports are accompanied by a recommendation (positive or negative) of the supervisor, upon which the Department General Assembly decides regarding the continuation of the thesis.
  • Provision of services to the Department. This includes participation in academic activies as determined by the Special Assembly. Such activities include laboratory exercices of undergraduate and postgraduate students as well as supervision during undergraduate and postgraduate examinations.
  • Maintenance of a website, linked from the Departmetn website, where they state at least the title and the subject of their thesis, short description, as well as the publications that occur from their research along the duration of their thesis. These publications also have to be posted in the University Repository.
  • Examination of the PhD Thesis according to what is stated in the law 4009 and its modifications, the University Regulation and the Postgraduate Studies Regulation. If order for a PhD thesis to be examined, it must fulfill all the requirements stated in the Postgraduate Studies Regulation.