Technoeconomic Evaluation of Communication Networks and Services

Code: MSC-16


  • Problems of modern telecommunications and high technology markets
  • Technoeconomic analysis – basic principles and stages
  • Diffusion of products and services in markets – market competition
  • User behaviour and evaluation of preferences – Movement of users among providers – substitution of technological generations etc.
  • Investments, investment portfolio analysis portfolio
  • Key economic quantities such as Net Present Value - NPV, Internal rate of return - IRR, Project Payback Period, Investments, Operating Costs, Cash Flow, Income, Depreciation, etc.
  • Risk analysis, uncertainty in market parameters and cost parameters (market size, market share, technology evolution, cost evolution)
  • Costing of products and services. Costing methodologies and models for networks and services. Historical cost and fully distributed costing. Indirect, direct, common and associated cost, Critical costing factors.
  • Pricing: Standards for pricing telecommunications services. Pricing methodologies based on cost, demand and competition.



  • To help the students gain an overview of the techno-economic analysis, presenting the basic principles and stages, together with representative examples of application.
  • To present the economic concepts and indicators related to investments.
  • To familiarize students with the basic financial and economical indices for the assessment and evaluation of investments and the basic principles of risk analysis and risk.
  • To describe the most significant and representative methodologies for forecasting diffusion and competition in the telecommunications market and other high technology markets in general.
  • To present the principles and characteristic methodologies for costing and pricing high technology products and services.
  • To present the principles of developing business plans focusing on high technology markets and encourage practising on such development.

Teaching Methods: The course includes presentations of corresponding theory and case studies.

Recommended Reading:

  1. Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management + CD, D. Vassiliou, Ν. Iriotis (in Greek).
  2. Investment evaluation, Petrakis P. (in Greek).

Prerequisites: -

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9 υποτροφίες

Το πρόγραμμα προσφέρει συνολικά εννέα (9) υποτροφίες στις καλύτερες επιδόσεις κάθε κατεύθυνσης σε κάθε εξάμηνο, οι οποίες καλύπτουν το σύνολο ή μέρος των διδάκτρων.

Πλήρους Μερικής Φοίτησης

Το Π.Μ.Σ. προσφέρει τη δυνατότητα πλήρους φοίτησης και μερικής φοίτησης. Η χρονική διάρκεια για την απονομή του Μεταπτυχιακού Διπλώματος Ειδίκευσης ορίζεται σε τρία (3) ακαδημαϊκά εξάμηνα για το πλήρους φοίτησης, ενώ για το μερικής φοίτησης η χρονική διάρκεια διπλασιάζεται.

Μεταπτυχιακό Πρόγραμμα Σπουδών

Στο Π.Μ.Σ. γίνονται δεκτοί ως υποψήφιοι πτυχιούχοι Τμημάτων Πανεπιστημίων της ημεδαπής ή αναγνωρισμένων ομοταγών ιδρυμάτων της αλλοδαπής, καθώς και πτυχιούχοι Τμημάτων ΤΕΙ συναφούς γνωστικού αντικειμένου.

Department of Informatics & Telematics - 2017