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Στο πλαίσιο του Σεμιναρίου του Μεταπτυχιακού Προγράμματος Σπουδών του Τμήματος μας, την Πέμπτη 19/12/2019 θα πραγματοποιήσουν διάλεξη ο Dr Georgios Dafoulas, Associate Professor, Faculty of Science and Technology, Middlesex University και η Ms Ariadni Tsiakara, Associate Lecturer, Faculty of Science and Technology, Middlesex University.

Dr Georgios Dafoulas is an Associate Professor in Information Systems and the Director of Programmes of the Computer Science Department, in the Faculty of Science and Technology of Middlesex University. He has extensive experience of managing externally funded projects, currently coordinating seven EU-funded projects and two British Council entrepreneurship projects. He has more than 130 publications and research partnerships with industry including DTI, IBM, and BT. In 2019 he gave seven key notes and plenary talks on Industrial Revolution 4.0 impact on education and in particular aspects of Education 4.0.

Ms Ariadni Tsiakara is an Associate Lecturer in Visual Analytics and Business Intelligence for the Computer Science Department, in the Faculty of Science and Technology of Middlesex University. She has 16 years of experience in industry as a Senior IT consultant and has worked on multi-national corporate projects for Intrasoft International and Unisystems in both Greece and Belgium, as well as national public sector projects for the Ministry of Finance and the Greek Telecom. She is a Data base and Data Warehousing expert and her current work is focused on Data Analytics with her publications focusing on learning analytics. She is currently involved with a number of EU-funded projects.

Το αντικείμενο της διάλεξης είναι: The Role of Analytics in Higher Education

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The emerging field of analytics in higher education has been widely discussed over the past few years. Emphasis is given on understanding the role of analytics in higher education, as well as determining the impact of analytics on academic programmes.

Η διάλεξη θα πραγματοποιηθεί στο αμφιθέατρο του κτιρίου του Τμήματος Πληροφορικής και Τηλεματικής (Ομήρου 9, Ταύρος), στις 17:30 μ.μ.

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