Members of our Faculty

Dimosthenis Anagnostopoulos, Professor

Research Field: Information Systems and Simulation

Office: 4.5, Tel: +302109549420, email: dimosthe[at]hua[dot]gr

Mara Nikolaidou, Professor

Research Field: Distributed Systems, System Modeling and Digital Libraries

Office: 4.1, Tel: +302109549410, email: mara[at]hua[dot]gr

Malvina Vamvakari, Professor

Research Field: Probability-Combinatorics-Statistics and Applications

Office: 5.2, Tel: +302109549404, email: mvamv[at]hua[dot]gr

Thomas Kamalakis, Professor

Research Field: Optical Communications and their Techno-economic Analysis

Office: 4.4, Tel: +302109549406, email: thkam[at]hua[dot]gr

Iraklis Varlamis, Professor

Research Field: Data Management

Office: 5.1, Tel: +302109549405, email: varlamis[at]hua[dot]gr

Chryssa Sofianopoulou, Associate Professor

Research Field: Analysis of the Educational Performance and Computer Training

Office: 5.3, Tel: +302109549412, email: csofian[at]hua[dot]gr

Georgios Dimitrakopoulos, Associate Professor

Research Field: Wireless Networks and Applications-Intelligent Transport Systems

Office: 4.2, Tel: +302109549426, email: gdimitra[at]hua[dot]gr

Dimitrios Michail, Associate Professor

Research Field: Algorithms and Programming

Office: 4.2, Tel: +302109549426, email: michail[at]hua[dot]gr

Christos Michalakelis, Associate Professor

Research Field: Technoeconomic Analysis of Communications Networks and Information Systems

Office: 4.7, Tel: +302109549414, email: michalak[at]hua[dot]gr

Konstantinos Tserpes, Associate Professor

Research Field: WWW System Programming Techniques

Office: 4.6, Tel: +302109549413, email: tserpes[at]hua[dot]gr

Panagiotis Rizomiliotis, Associate Professor

Research Field: Information Systems Security and Cryptography

Office: 4.6, Tel: +302109549556, email: prizomil[at]hua[dot]gr

George Kousiouris, Associate Professor

Research Field: Service Oriented Applications and Infrastructures Performance and Technologies

Office: 3.5, Tel: +302109549409, email: gkousiou[at]hua[dot]gr

Teta Stamati, Assistant Professor

Research Field: Management Information Systems and e-Government

Office: 4.8, Tel: +302109549425, email: teta[at]hua[dot]gr

Cleopatra Bardaki, Assistant Professor

Research Field: Pervasive Information Systems and Supply Chain Systems

Office: 4.3, Tel: +302109549419, email: cleobar[at]hua[dot]gr

Christos Diou, Assistant Professor

Research Field: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Office: 3.5, Tel: +302109549449, email: cdiou[at]hua[dot]gr

Georgios Papadopoulos, Assistant Professor

Research Field: Computer Graphics and Computational Vision

Office: 3.4, Tel: +302109549436, email:[at]hua[dot]gr

Vasilis Efthymiou, Assistant Professor

Research Field: Big Data Database Systems

Office: 4.3, Tel: +302109549419, email: vefthym[at]hua[dot]gr

Eirini Liotou, Assistant Professor

Research Field: Design and Management of Software-Defined Networks

Office: , Tel: +302109549, email: eliotou[at]hua[dot]gr

Georgia Dede, Assistant Professor

Research Field: Evaluation of Systems and Electronic Services

Office: , Tel: +302109549, email: gdede[at]hua[dot]gr

Anargyros Tsadimas, Teaching Associate

Research Field:

Office: 3.1, Tel: +302109549418, email: tsadimas[at]hua[dot]gr

Alexandra Gasparinatou, Teaching Associate

Research Field:

Office: 3.2, Tel: +302109549431, email: alegas[at]hua[dot]gr

Vasilis Dalakas, Teaching Associate

Research Field:

Office: 3.1, Tel: +302109549418, email: vdalakas[at]hua[dot]gr