The main research focus of the Department is the development and applications of information and telecommunication technologies for the provision of advanced electronic services (e-services). These telematic services are supported by appropriately designed information systems and telecommunication networks.

The term telematics which is also present in the name of our Department is understood as the combination of information and telecommunication technologies for providing advanced services to the end-user.

Taking into account the general principles outlined above, the following priority research directions have been identified:

a) Design and implementation of advanced e-services. These include e-goverment, e-learning, e-health, e-commerce, e-business and smart transport and other applications that can be provided through PCs and mobile devices. Depending on the field of application, these services are characterized by different maturity levels ranging from simple, informative to integrated interactive services.

b) The development and design of appropriate information systems for e-service support. By information system we mean any system capable of collecting, processing, creating and distributing data and information. Various aspects of information systems include their management, the management of information and data as well as decision support methods.

c) The development of proper networking technologies for carrying the information to the end-user. This direction encompasses technologies related to telecommunication systems and networks that can be wireless or wireline and aim at providing high quality information delivery through the access network.

The above directions transcend the boundaries of hardware and software and contain both components. Emphasis is of course given in the design and application of software ingredients (social networks platforms, webservices, data-bases, algorithms, etc) without nevertheless neglecting the hardware implementation (sensor nets, embedded systems, local area networks, etc). The technoeconomic aspects of these systems is another important aspects of such systems and technologies.