Scientific Lectures are organised by the Department of Informatics & Telematics. Their objective is to promote the development of research co-operations of the faculty members, the educators and the research associates of the Department. The lectures are held at the first floor of the Department's building (Omirou 9) at amphitheater hall.

Date Title / Subject Speaker
24/05/2018 Implementation of ICT projects in the Ministry of Finance Efstathios Panagiotopoulos, (GSIS)
22/05/2018 Messaging Technologies: Taming the Rabbit(MQ) Dimitrios Iosifidis, (Atos)
17/05/2018 Smart Brokering Solutions for Clouds and Cloudlets Patrizio Dazzi, (ISTI-CNR)
03/05/2018 The role of IT in Large Scale Organization Transformations: Comparison of various IT Technologies through world wide implementation case studies Nikolaos Giannakakis, (Fairfax Group)
26/04/2018 The progress of ICT in China George Tsakogiannis, (ZTE)
19/04/2018 H τεχνολογία της Πληροφορικής και Τηλεματικής στη Άμυνα George Geroulis, (Hellenic Army Academy & Technnical University of Crete)
08/03/2018 IoT Security and Performance using Multi-core Platforms Abbes Amira, (Qatar University)
01/03/2018 The Industrial Digital Technology Leads the Digital Transformation of the Economy Panagiota Paparidou (SEPE)
19/12/2017 The Cloud: What it is, what it brings, and how to build your own Vangelis Koukis (Arrikto)
11/06/2017 Upstream, Building an global technology vendor in Greece Markos Veremis (Upstream)
08/06/2017 Design Science Research in ISE: The Master Students’ Guide to Design Research Nikolay Mehandjiev (Manchester Business School)
18/05/2017 Machine Learning for the Functional Characterization of Human Genes Artemis Hadjigeorgiou (University of Thessaly)
11/05/2017 A Semantic-Based Framework for Fine Grained Sentiment Analysis Ilias Petrounias (The University of Manchester)
30/03/2017 Digital Skills Nikos Christodoulou (National Bank of Greece)
25/05/2016 Capturing Early Requirements for Services (Part I - Part II) Colette Rolland (Université de Paris1 Sorbonne)
22/04/2015 Social Media Analytics in the Enterprise Michal Jacovi (IBM Research Haifa)
04/07/2014 PhD Progress Presentation: Monotony study of the sensitivity of health indices comprised of k discreet random variable with m partitions each  Fragkiskos Bersimis
04/07/2014 PhD Progress Presentation: On demand microlearning through social media and multiple channels with participation evaluation Despina Kamilali
04/07/2014 PhD Progress Presentation: Optical Wireless Communications for Broadband Short-Range Networks Katerina Margariti
03/07/2014 PhD Progress Presentation: Faster than real-time emulation of a web service with a dynamic data-oriented application system Antonios Coyas
03/07/2014 PhD Progress Presentation: Collective Generativity for Service Co-Creation Dimitrios Bellos
03/07/2014 PhD Progress Presentation: Methodological approach for validating regulation compliance of the system development Suman Mahmud
02/07/2014 PhD Progress Presentation: A study of the impact of ERP systems on the functional performance of an enterprise Despina Mprini
02/07/2014 PhD Progress Presentation: SysML model emulation through DEVS George-Dimitrios Kapos
02/07/2014 PhD Progress Presentation: Integrated platform of networking if the public administration for the provision of complete and personalized e-services to citizens and enterprises Alexandros Dais
02/07/2014 PhD Progress Presentation: Model-Based Enterprise Information System Design: A SysML-based approach Anargyros Tsadimas
30/06/2014 PhD Progress Presentation: Structural networking elements modeling that rely on the optical microring technology Leonidas Dogkas
11/06/2014 Invited Lecture: Modelling, design patterns and reasoning in languages for the Semantic Web Dr. Manuel Noguera
02/06/2014 The Company Democracy Model for Innovation, Competitiveness and Extroversion Evangelos Markopoulos
13/02/2014 Invited Lecture: Value Based Design Dr. Kathy Keeling
09/01/2014 Invited Lecture: Information Systems Reality Overview Prof. Elias Carayannis
10/12/2012 LaTeX presentation / seminar A. Tsadimas, V. Dalakas, O. Hatzi
31/05/2012 The role of IT technologies during the financial crisis Giannis Tsiadis (ALTEC)
26/04/2012 The future of computing: from single core to multi core Vangelis Lekkas (ORACLE)
05/04/2012 From theory to practice: Network architectures and solutions. An example of network solution design Giorgos Pigiakis, Nikos Lambrogeorgos (CISCO)
15/03/2012 Service-oriented information systems This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
18/01/2012 Systems Specifications for ICT Projects of NSRF 2007-2013 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
24/11/2011 Introduction to Wikipedia This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Manos Kefalas
18/05/2011 D-cores: measuring cohesion and collaboration of directed graphs Michalis Vazirgiannis
01/04/2011 LaTeX Seminar Vassilis Dalakas, Argiris Tsadimas
31/03/2011 Automated hardware generation, using the underlying model of Attribute Grammars Alexandros Dimopoulos
27/01/2011 Modern business approaches in the area of Informatics This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
02/12/2010 Service Lifecycle Management Konstantinos Tserpes
18/11/2010 Apple Technologies This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
04/11/2010 Management Functionality for Intelligent Transportation Systems Operating in the Future Internet Era George Dimitrakopoulos
10/06/2010 Microsoft academic programs and technologies This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
27/05/2010 Matching with one-sided preferences Dimitris Michail
13/05/2010 Transformation of e-government services (T-Gov): adaptation of a web 2.0 citizen-centric communication model Alexandros Dais
22/10/2009 Online Adaptive Discovery of Non-stationarity for Data Streams Konstantinos Triantafyllopoulos
20/11/2008 Data Mining in World Wide Web Data Iraklis Varlamis
06/11/2008 Broadband Access Technologies in Modern Telecommunications Aristidis Tsipouras
08/05/2008 Modern Cryptography: Are we in Danger? Panagiotis Rizomyliotis
16/04/2008 Atmospheric Process Modeling and Numeric Weather Forecast Petros Katsafados
27/03/2008 Tools and Methods for e-Learning Vasiliki Matzana
21/02/2008 Web Sites Usability Konstantina Vasilopoulou
07/02/2008 Technoeconomic Analysis of telecommunication and informatics technologies Dimitris Varoutas
17/01/2008 On-the-fly BusinessProcess Conposition through an Event-based Approach Nancy Alexopoulou
20/12/2007 3D Estimations on nanophotonics- Designing the future integrated systems Thomas Kamalakis
29/11/2007 Web Service Composition using AI Planning Techniques
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